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Charity Events

Organised Science Fiction groups and individuals across the UK help to raise much needed funds for charity. There are many ways to do this, such as organising specific Sci-Fi events or helping to publicise someone else’s event or library/school activity. Below is a gallery of photos/events where David has helped raise funds.

Charity Sci-Fi Family Fun Day – Corsham April 2013

Several thousand people visited the event this year, making it the most successful so far! Due to last year’s numbers being a record, this year’s was moved to a larger venue and numbers increased to match. Fundraising for charity also increased to match, and the event raised over £6,000.

The event was opened by Anthony Stewart-Head and attended by media celebrities such as:

  • Anjli Mohindra – Rani Chandra – Dr Who – Sarah Jane Adventures;
  • Brian Muir – Sculptor – Darth Vaders helmet, Harry Potter, Alien, Skyfall;
  • Brian Wheeler – Jawa, Ewok – Star Wars Return of the Jedi;
  • Matthew Doman – headless monk, cyberman, The Vigil – Dr Who / Nekros guard – Monsters Vs Wizards;
  • Mike Collins – Comic Artist – Dr Who – Xmen – Star Trek.

David Johnson did his bit all day by manning the information area, directing visitors, guests and members of the press, as well as some of the prior organising.

There was a tribute to Richard Leparmentier – Admiral Motti – Star Wars a New Hope, the President of Charity Sci-Fi, who sadly and unexpectedly passed away a few weeks before the event.

Are you interested in giving some of your free time to help raise much needed funds for CHARITY and having FUN at the same time? Then contact one of the links below. (All links open in a new window.)

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